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When a natural disaster or an accident happens, rescue planning will be the first thing to consider; especially in the first 72 hours. However, it will be very hard to organize the rescue efforts effectively without a communication system for the rescue teams and to communicate with trapped personnel to direct them to safety and understand the scope of the accident.

FirstResponse is an enterprise-level, IP-based CDMA2000 communication, monitoring, tracking, and dispatch system for government agencies, public security, coal mines, oil fields, forestry, ports, and shipping. FirstResponse provides an environment for rescue teams to share critical information and organize rescue efforts. It can be portable or mounted on a vehicle. Other features of the system include voice, data, SMS, teleconference, and video services.

FirstResponse can be utilized in remote areas where normal communication facilities have not been established; such as remote countryside, mountain areas, desert, and forest. It provides a local communication network, and it connects to the outside world through satellite communication.


FirstResponse system components are CDMA2000 core network, access network, dispatching center, PTT server, and location and tracking server. The system can be either potable  or mounted on a vehicle; both configurations compact and easily deployed.

FirstResponse can be configured with multiple base stations, depending on users�� needs. It can be configured with the following base stations: 1U standard, 500mw micro base stations, and 50mw pico base stations. TD-SCDMA will also be supported.

Technical specifications

Air Interface: CDMA2000 1X/EV-DO Rev. A

Working Frenquency: 450MHz /800MHz /1900MHz

Frenquency Band: 1.25MHz

User Capacity: 3000 voice call, 105 dispatching

Packet Data Rate: CDMA2000 1X: 153.6 Kbps/sector; CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev.A: 3.1 Mbps/1.8Mbps/sector

RF Sensitivity: -127dBm - -125dBm

RF Output Power: 20W

Power Comsuption: 750W