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MineSafe V2.0

MineSafe V2.0 is an advanced enterprise level CDMA solution for coal mine industry upgraded from our V1.0 product. It is an integrated system based on SIP soft switch technology with smarter size and less cost. It consists of main system on surface, radio coverage subsystem and diversified user terminals. The system architecture is shown in following:


The Main system is composed of SIP CDMA Platform and APP Server: SIP CDMA Platform, combining the SIP soft switch and the CDMA mobile network technologies, which can function as the CDMA core network (both circuit and packet switching). APP Server, which can provide a range of practical application features including comprehensive dispatching, PTT (Push to Talk), mobile voice/SMS (Short Message Service), mobile data/video monitoring, positioning and tracking service.

Radio coverage subsystem is composed of Femto BTS(using Ethernet network as backhaul), CDMA repeater/DCS subsystem.