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As a part of daily operations, communication in underground coal mines plays a key role in production and safety. However, a number of communication systems can only provide low quality voice call service in limited area of underground tunnel without data capability. Such systems cannot meet the requirements of coal mines.

MineSafe, CNI��s premium mine-safety product, is best of breed solution that exceeds most of coal mine users' requirements in terms of communication, radio coverage and safety.

MineSafe is an enterprise-level, IP-based CDMA2000 communication system especially designed for coal mine-safety. The mobile communication solution can cover the whole underground tunnels and provide comprehensive safety initiatives that are required by coal mine operators. It complies with a number of telecom standards and current safety standards for coal mines in China. In November 2008, the system was approved by China Coal Association for mine-safety, and by the end of 2009, it has been deployed in over 10 large scale coal mines in China.


MineSafe system components are CDMA2000 main server (including core network and base station subsystem) installed above-ground, radio coverage system and terminals are installed underground. CNI is currently on the second generation of MineSafe that will include Qualcomm's FSM chipset which will be more compact and cost efficient. The second generation is slated to be launched towards the end of 2010. MineSafe is a feature rich system; here are a few highlights:

Basic Services: One-to-one voice call; one-to-one SMS

Dispatching Services: One-to-many group call, broadcasting call, emergency call, preemptive priority call, call prompt, late join/entrance, call forwarding, discreet listening/intercept, dynamic group management, SMS group sending

Push-To-Talk (PTT) Service

Tracking and Monitoring Services

Technical specifications

Air Interface: CDMA2000 1X/EV-DO Rev. A

Working Frenquency: 450MHz /800MHz

Frenquency Band: 1.25MHz

Capacity Volumn: 34/(1FA, 1 Sector), 1000 voice call(1FA, 1 Sector)

RF Sensitivity: -127dBm - -125dBm

Coverage Length in Underground: 80km(max)