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In order to provide value added services in emerging markets, we have developed an innovative voice and multimedia based technology platform to deliver distance learning over CDMA mobile phones to rural communities in Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle east. These highly populated rural communities have been underserved by the market and the mobile carriers have been unable to provide localized value added services to monetize this sector. Our technology called C-LIVES(CDMA-based Learning through Interactive Voice Educational System), helps the people in these communities progress, improve their quality of life and become self reliant via learning. Our solution allows learners to learn anytime, anywhere and in any language using a low end mobile phone. We have developed a comprehensive Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and a Subscriber Management System that make LIVES a low cost alternative to conventional teaching methods and transforms a mobile phone into a powerful learning tool. In addition to focusing on rural communities for social-economic development and teaching of life skills, we are also looking to market our technology for language learning (ESL) in our target markets especially China. The ESL strategy will be a hybrid model based on supplementing the self paced mobile learning with live interaction with native North American ESL teachers.