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Confederal Networks, Inc. (CNI) focuses on developing IP-based CDMA/LTE network solutions for the enterprise. CNI's solutions provide voice, data, SMS, and video services as well as system management functions.

CNI's products comply with current telecom standards, are interoperable with peripheral telecom systems, and can easily evolve to the next generation with minimal changes and impact. CNI's products have passed industry-specific safety approvals (for example, coal mining explosion safety), and can be immediately deployed without additional testing. CNI's solutions are designed to be cost effective, compact and modular, flexible, reliable, and easily maintainable. CNI provides turnkey services that include network consulting services, installation, training, and on-going product support.

With the partnership and cooperation of Confederal Technology Canada and China-based Changzhou Automation Research Institute (CARI), in 2007 CNI successfully developed and commercialized its mine-safety and communication system, MineSafe, the first CDMA-based coal mine communication system. In 2008, MineSafe was approved by the Chinese agency for mine-safety and has received the backing of China Coal Association. Since then, MineSafe system has been deployed in more than 26 large-scale underground coal mines in China. CNI is currently working on the next generation of the MineSafe system which will include an advanced SIP soft switch technology, smaller footprint, and competitive pricing. The updated system is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2010.

CNI also provides an advanced emergency communication solution, FirstResponse, for various government agencies, public security, coal mines, oil fields, forestry, sea ports, and shipping industries. FirstResponse, an enterprise IP-based system utilizing CDMA2000 technologies, provides communication, tracking, monitoring, and dispatching capabilities in emergency situations. It can be portable or mounted on a vehicle. Other features of the system include voice, data, SMS, teleconference, and video services.